On Digital Minimalism and Pandemics →

First, check one national and one local new source each morning. Then — and this is the important part — don’t check any other news for the rest of the day. Presumably, time sensitive updates that affect you directly will arrive by email, or phone, or text.

This will be really hard, especially given the way we’ve been trained by social media companies over the past decade to view our phone as a psychological pacifier.

Which brings me to the second part of the solution: distract yourself with value-driven action; lots of action. Serve your community, serve your kids, serve yourself (both body and mind), produce good work. Try to fit in a few moments of forced gratitude, just to keep those particular circuits active.

Cal Newport erklärt, wieso man im Pandemiekontext besonders anfällig für Social-Media-Dauerrefresh-Eskapaden ist und wie man sie umgeht.

Hallo, ich bin Marcel, zeichne selten Comics, schreibe manchmal Texte, gestalte öfter Digitale Produkte und interessiere mich für Bücher, Digitalen Minimalismus, Philosophie, Kunst und Videospiele. 👋