THE PINEAPPLE INCIDENT – An Apple Shortcuts Test of Courage

I’m happy to introduce another UARRR production for Apple’s freshly released Shortcuts app: THE PINEAPPLE INCIDENT

Our is full of people we know or once knew. Some of them we don’t want to know anymore but we still have their contact saved – just in case. Some of them don’t want to know us anymore and we all know why and they’re probably right and we should be ashamed.

What if… just imagine… there was a button on your iPhone that, when pressed, would have a 10% chance of sending one of your contacts, randomly chosen, 100 pineapple emojis as a text message? Would you dare to tap it? I mean… it’s just a 10% chance, what could go wrong?

Andreas got hit by THE PINEAPPLE INCIDENT. I’m sorry, Andreas!

And even if THE PINEAPPLE INCIDENT happens… maybe it just hits a good friend and everything is well… but what if it hits your ex?

Do you dare?

(Notice: There’s a warning when you start the shortcut that let’s you decide if you want to experience THE PINEAPPLE INCIDENT or if you’d rather not. It doesn’t start directly with deciding your luck, no worries.)





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