If you see them misquoting Steve Jobs, they blew it.

I’m absolutely not looking forward to all those articles talking on how Apple is doomed because Steve Jobs, in 2010, said “If you see a stylus, they blew it.” and the “new Apple” just released a stylus called “Pencil”.


He wasn’t talking about “If you can also use a stylus to operate the device, they blew it”, he was talking about all those devices that were absolutely useless without a stylus. Remember Palm, Windows Mobile (the previous iteration) and so on? All of them had a stylus as their primary input device. Jobs’ point was that the device should primarily be used with just a finger, no other tool required. Easy as that. 

That being said: I would love to own an iPad Pro with keyboard cover and pencil, but I… don’t need it. Especially not for this price. I’m looking forward to testing one in the store, though.