I’m surprised about how many designers aren’t into mobile application design. Yes, websites are interesting too, but let’s face it, the party is happening on our smartphones. Websites degrade more and more to instruments of advertising. Often for apps. However, that’s not the topic right now. (But trust me. Take a few hours of your day and teach yourself mobile application design. You’ll thank me later.)

Come. Work with me on one of the biggest and successful mobile services in Europe: mytaxi.

I’m looking for someone with at least a bit experience in mobile application design, with a sense of where iOS and Android are heading, with a keen sense of usability and user experience and the urge to learn more. That can’t be too much to ask. Hit me up if you’re interested in a full time gig in Hamburg’s most exciting company: m.wichmann@mytaxi.net

Even if you’re not the right person but you know someone who could be: Take this post and reach it around and I’ll be forever thankful. <3

What is it you would be working on, you ask? This:

It seems like a small product at first, right? The app for passengers offers not much more than pressing a button to order a taxi. Done. Yeah. Not quite. The app itself has over 100 different screens, most of them only visible when you need them. Stuff like Miles & More integration needs to be thought through and the payment onboarding is a beast and there are interesting problems at every corner. This app alone, for Android and iOS, won’t get boring. But there’s more.

What most don’t know is that we have a whole other app, for drivers, that’s a absolute different story. Ever designed an app that’s used by thousands of taxi drivers while they’re driving on a crowded street? I doubt so. Maybe you can guess that this usecase needs special attention and maybe design solutions that aren’t based solely on Apple’s Human Interaction Guidelines or Google’s rules.

That’s not it. Not even close. Heard of Car2Go? Yeah, we’re building that app, too. Again: iOS and Android. Car2Go Black? Yip. Moovel? The same, two more apps.

What that means: TEN different apps. And six of them are built by me at the moment. That’s a lot of work and I like to work less because I’m a lazyass and that’s when you come in. Join us at mytaxi and help me and the rest of the team (a bunch of awesome people, seriously) build fantastic apps.

In case you want to read a boring advertisement of vacancy, take this official one (in German). But I’d prefer that you’re in the progress of writing me an e-mail just now.

Slightly interested? Drop me a line and a few samples of your work. I’m looking forward to it.