Apple Watch GUI Sketch Template

I could write a lengthy post about my decision to provide a fast and easy way for designers to build Apple Watch apps in Sketch but that would be a lie. I needed this file myself, threw it together and here you go. An Apple Watch 42mm Template for Sketch 3.2.

It’s a first version. A draft. Based on what Apple provided and what Apple provided is far from perfect. This is the template for the 42mm version of the Watch. More might follow. I plan to update this from time to time.

Here’s how to use it:

1) Make sure you have Sketch 3.2. It’s the beta. You can get it here.

2) You’ll need Apple’s “San Francisco” font. It’s downloadable in the Developer Center but sources tell me that a simple Google search might provide a few less legal solutions.

3) Download Apple Watch 42mm It’s free.

If you like and use the template, please share this post on Twitter and Facebook. Looking forward to your feedback.