☰ The future of 6Wunderkinder

Christian Reber:

Wunderlist 1 was mostly based on a technology called Titanium. Titanium is a great cross-platform technology to build apps for mobile and desktop. We were one of the world’s first companies who released a full product with it and it was the best decision we could have made for Wunderlist. Now though, we’ve reached it’s limit. Recently we, along with our users have experienced several issues with the current version of Titanium that we simply can’t fix on our side. So we decided to rebuild Wunderlist for all major platforms (Web, iOS, Android Mac & Windows). Everyone who ever built an app for just one platform will know what a crazy amount of work it actually is. The product itself has also grown up, we’ve worked a lot on important things – like simplicity, usability and most importantly reliability.

Last month I got the chance to play around with an early version of Wunderlist 2 and it felt great, everything was smooth and fast. Today 6Wunderkinder announced that they’ll stop the development of Wunderkit and solely focus on the development of Wunderlist 2. Of what I’ve seen in Berlin, it’s a good choice. Wunderlist 2 is definitely something worth waiting for.


  1. Its funny, the never published redesign of wunderkit looks like a task-manager made by apple, the look fits perfectly in the design world of iPhoto and co.

  2. Well, their websites always look like taken directly out of iOS, which is nice when you keep in mind that most of their users mainly use the iPhone/iPad apps, I suppose.