☰ Airnest opinion.

Everyone knows the stories about people getting scammed on the internet. Someone clicked the wrong link and suddenly they got a huge vibrating replicate vagina of a horse in the mail.

However, I haven’t got something like this, but I played with the thought of getting a MacBook Air for several weeks. Here’s what happened:

I’ve got one of those 15″ MacBooks with HD Display, 128GB SDD and 750GB HDD. It’s a workhorse. No load times, nothing to complain in general. I can take that thing with me and work in Photoshop like I’m sitting in front of a 20″ display. It’s pretty awesome. But it’s also huge and heavy. So there is me, wanting a mobile computer on which I can open 80MB iPad retina .psds without any difficulties, but there is also me not wanting to take that thing with me when I know I’m not going to use it for something else than writing stuff like this post here.

iPad? Nice, I dig it for reading, casual surfing, but as soon as I have to write anything on it, I’m irritated. All keyboard layouts don’t fit my typing style, the horizontal version is far too big, the other one only slightly to big but it feels strange to hold the iPad in portrait mode whilst typing and the divided one is just a pain to write on because I’m not used to have a divided keyboard. Also I’m not able to look for unknown words on leo.org without switching apps, swiping here and there and blergh. I tried the keyboard dock and it’s nice, but somehow it doesn’t feel right when you have to switch from keyboard to swiping and from tapping to typing. (Whoa. Read that out loud!)

As I mentioned before, my workday changed a lot lately, I’m far less in Photoshop than I used to, I’m typing far more e-mails and sometimes I know that I’m going to work a bit more when I get home, and it’s just writing. I don’t want to do it on the iPad, I don’t want to do it on that 15″ battleship, so I thought one of those shiny MacBook Air devices would be nice.

Long story short: I surfed on Amazon, looked at my wish list, the Macbook Air 11″, 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM I’ve saved there, saw a button that promised delivery until the next morning, pressed it in assumption that it’ll go straight to my shopping cart, didn’t see that it was one of those 1-click-order buttons, saw the “Thanks for your order” page, felt silly. And happy.

What can I say? It’s not like I’ve tested this thing for weeks, but I already know that this is gonna be one of my favorite products I own. It’s like a mashup of an iPad and a MacBook, it’s incredibly light and small (I took 11″ because I wanted it to be as mobile as possible), I’m able to do everything I want on it, like typing this post and using Alfred to look up English words I don’t know without swiping and switching apps.

The best thing is: The screen is big enough to show two applications at once and small enough to let me focus on the thing I’m working on. I even use fullscreen apps and only the trackpad with gestures, because it work’s like a charm on a display of this size. Even the notification center makes sense.

Everybody I know who had a two computer setup switched back to just one, because they where irritated by keeping them in sync and having to deal with the fact that… yeah, what was it? I don’t know, but they sure had their reasons. I think I’ll get along with it. Everything I use syncs via Dropbox, iCloud or Google. Works for me.

I’m looking forward to it. Today is the first day I left the battleship at work and right now I’m sitting in my bed, writing this post on the little gem called MacBook Air. I’m totally hooked.


  1. And with reason. I have a similar love story with the MacBook Air. I work in graphics and web design and have a recent 27 inch iMac that I love but can’t carry with me. I was thinking about getting an iPad so I could do some basic web updates and other stuff away from home every now and then, but was bummed by the idea of not having a file system and the limitations of IOS. I did some research and finally realized this little gem existed. I purchased one and I’m totally impressed by it. This thing is now following me everywhere. On a side note, I Got one of those STM Scout 2 XS messenger bag that I highly recommend if your main concern is portability. I’d also like to add that the trackpad in combination with the “IOSification” of OS X is brilliant with this product, a pure joy to use! If apple haters only knew.

  2. I can only agree with you. I bought myself an Air 11″ just 3 months ago and it was worth every cent. I have an 27″ iMac at home and while I travel it feels like I am working at home without any restrictions. Of course the screen is smaller but for excel calculations and emails, it’s perfect, sitting in the train or waiting at the airport. The battery is fantastic and the cpu is very fast. Love this one.

  3. Ich versuche mir Apple immer schlecht zu reden weil es mir leider zu teuer ist und ich es mir im Moment nicht leisten kann – da helfen solche Beiträge kaum -.-

    Egal ob das Macbook Pro oder das Macbook Air beide sehen genial aus und sind gut – wie ich sowas hasse… 😀

  4. I also think about getting the 11″ but can’t deside wich CPU. I guess for me the i5 would be enough, but more is usually better. I’m concerned about temps. Could you give feedback what model you got?

  5. Frage, geht es bitte wenn möglich, hier wieder in Deutsch weiter, wir leben nun mal in Deutschland, warum dann in Englisch? Schlimm genug das alles verdenglischt wird, ich habe immer sehr gern hier gelesen und nun, mit Googleübersezter nervt es noch mehr.

  6. Ronny: Niemals, vermutlich. Wir leben hier nicht in Deutschland, sondern im Internet und das ist nun mal nicht durch Landesgrenzen beeinflusst (meistens). Sorry, falls du dadurch nicht mehr den Kram hier lesen kannst, aber letztendlich ist es besser für mich, wenn ich das Zeug hier in Englisch schreibe. :love

  7. Ich versuche es ja über Googleübersetzer und werde immer hier reinschauen, das Internet ist nun mal Weltoffen und da gebe ich Dir Recht, Fragen muss man aber und Danke für deine Antwort.

  8. Hi,

    “…I’m far less in Photoshop than I’m used to…”

    Ein I’m is zu viel reingerutscht, an der zweiten Stelle ist nur ein I ausreichend und richtig.

  9. Wo ich drüber nachdenk, könnte man auch prima schreiben:

    “I’m working with/using Photoshop far less than I used to…”

    Aber so ist es ja wie mit dem Deutschen. Viele Formulierungen führen zum Ziel, man muss sich nur seinen Liebling rauspicken – verstanden wird man sowieso 🙂