☰ Watches for iPad

We love watches. Old ones and new ones. Elegant ones, sporty ones, and conservative ones. Collecting timepieces is a passion that takes hold. Ideally, beautiful watches are assets that require to be appreciated and stored as such.

With Watches for iPad, we have created a tool that makes collecting timepieces as much fun as the watches are themselves.

Watches is incredibly simple, pretty, and functional. Keep records of the all details and the history of your watch, store documents and show your collection to other watch aficionados. With Watches on your iPad, you carry your watch collection with you at all times.

In case you’re planning to start or already collecting watches, this beautiful app will be your new best companion. It’s made by friends of mine and I got the chance to play around with it before it was in the App Store. It’s a real beauty and worth downloading just to look at it.


  1. Bin durch einen ganz wunderbaren Blogpost auf Dich gestoßen, indem es um überflüssige Personen geht 🙂 Ich muss sagen, dass ich begeistert bin!

    Du bist tatsächlich der ultimative Troll des Jahrhunderts. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!