☰ Updated to CS6 and bugged out by the new vector snapping?

Photoshop CS6 introduced a new “snap to pixel grid”  behavior for vector tools. It’s awesome and comes in quite handy if you try to work like Dustin Curtis suggests. But what if one of your vector objects is not as pixel fitted as you want it to be?

In previous versions of Photoshop all you had to do was to select the right anchor points and use the arrow keys and different levels of zoom to move them in the right direction until they where aligned with the pixel grid.

The new behavior makes sure that this is not so easy anymore. Instead of eliminating half pixels, it will move the anchor points by one pixel, regardless of your actual level of zoom, so you’ve got the same mess, but one pixel in another direction. I’ve solved that problem by disabling the right checkbox everytime I needed it, but that felt just not right.

Mr. Idiot here built something that’s quite amazing. These two Photoshop actions allow to toggle above mentioned setting by hitting F6 and Shift+F6. It’s different compared to CS5, but you’ll get used to it. Thanks, Idiot!