This cat has 866242 reblogs at the moment and is called “Calming cat”. Thomas and I made it. It was part of our product video for and is obviously the most successful thing that came out of Well… better than nothing, I guess?

☰ Quote Overlays

I totally forgot to mention that we released an awesome new feature at New permalink pages. Now all quotes are being displayed right at the article they originate from. Here are some examples, and when you’re there already, read those articles, they are awesome:

In other news: I changed the background color of this blog here a bit. It’s now a very bright blue, not just a very bright grey. I’m such a crazy guy, unbelievable.

☰ API Ideas Braindump

You’re an uncreative and bored developer? Good for you, I’m an idiot with too many ideas and no programming knowledge.

We recently released the missing part of the API for Now there is this beautiful thing you could do a lot of interesting things with and there are many people who would do something, but don’t know what, so I figured it would be nice to throw some quick ideas into the world.

Feel free to pick any one of them and play around with it. I’m not able to build something like this and most of it is at the moment not relevant for as an included feature, so here you go:

  • A browser extension that shows how often the article you’re visiting right now got quoted.
  • An RSS Reader that only shows articles that got recommended on
  • A service that notifies you when your own site got a new recommendation on (Actually we’ll integrate something like this sometime, but hey, go for it!)
  • An Android/Windows Phone app that lets you use Read on your Android/Windows device.
  • A service that lets you import your Instapaper/Readability/Pocket articles to
  • A service that lets you decide how much time you’ve got and then gives you articles that are exactly that long.
  • An app that reads your saved articles back to you. Shouldn’t be too difficult on iOS.

I’m looking forward to your creations and if you decide to build something, I’m happy to play the tester for you, just let me know. <3 In case you have an idea but the API is not supporting it at the moment, feel free to contact us at

☰ is on your site.


We just released the Send to button. It’s one of those things that you can include in your site to let your readers interact on a more pleasant way with your content. The button features a lot of things. To quote (hehe) myself:

  • Save to Read – Let your readers easily save your articles for later reading to Read
  • Read now – Let your readers read the article in a reading environment they can customize themselves
  • Send to Kindle – Let your readers send the article to their favorite e-ink reading device. (Soon available for everybody, at the moment still in beta.)
  • Recommend on – This may be the best thing. Your readers can select a part they liked of the article and click the button to recommend the article on

I’m especially happy to announce that we’ve worked together with The Industry as a launch partner. From now on you’re able to recommend and save articles by The Industry directly to More on that topic can be found here: Ushering the Button

As always, the official announcement can be found in the Blog. If you have your own site, I’d be incredibly happy to see the button somewhere on it.

☰ Blog: Switching to Github


Recently we changed our development process quite a bit by moving from self-hosted Subversion to Github. After some weeks working with the new set up I thought it may be the right time to write something about the whole story.

Philipp wrote a piece on how our developers at (which means: Everyone but me) are now using Github. I have no idea what all of this means but it sounds like they know what they're doing.