☰ One week with Android: There is a setting for that.

Carsten bought a Nexus 4 and wrote two posts about his experience switching from iOS to Android. I played a bit around with his device, found it quite likeable, took our QUOTE.fm Galaxy Nexus we use for testing, and began to set it up to fit my needs as good as possible. It’s not like […]

☰ Readmill lets authors claim their books

Inspired by this, today we’re releasing our first tool for authors to engage with their readers in an easier and more enjoyable way.If you are an author you can now claim your profile on Readmill. This allows us to connect you with the books you’ve written, and those reading them. Great feature. It’s interesting how Readmill and […]

☰ The status has changed to Ready for Sale.

And suddenly everything happend really quick. Ten days waiting for review and today we’ve got the final mail: We’re approved. QUOTE.fm will be on your iPads soon. I’m so incredibly happy. It’s not downloadable yet, we have to work on some preparations on the website first. It’ll hit an App Store near you next Tuesday. […]

☰ Things I've read and recommended last week:

I figured it’s a good idea to show what I’ve read in the last few days, so here is a collection of articles I’ve read. Feel free to follow me on QUOTE.fm, if you don’t want to miss any reading recommendations. OLD NEWS… »In August 2008 we moved our servers from Texas to California, which […]