☰ New Spotify Landing Page

Brilliant. Haven’t seen a landing page that evoked more emotions than this new one from Spotify. Amazing work. Uncluttered, human, somehow cheery. 10/10, would visit again. (via)

☰ fontbox.es

fontbox.es is a dropbox-application that helps you organize and sync your fonts across all your computers. With the agency plan, you will also be able to distribute fonts with multi-user licences among your coworkers.

The first project by Codein is a great idea. Looking forward to see it in action.

☰ Photoshop Script: Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer

This tool will allow you to edit the radius of a rounded rectangle after you’ve drawn it.

You can also:

Resize each corner’s radius independently.
Edit multiple layers at once.
View the pixel size of the radii of an existing rounded rectangle

This just changed my life. Wow. I’ve been waiting for a feature like this for so long and here it is and it works as advertised. (via)

☰ foldify

foldifyapp.com – For all the people who didn’t get the memo that the iPad is not for creating things. Brilliant idea. (via)

☰ Randomized Consumerism

Darius Kazemi:

I’ve had an idea for a long time now. It’s inspired by one of my favorite feelings: when you order something on Amazon, and it’s put on backorder, and then you forget you ordered it, and a year later it arrives—and it’s like a gift you bought yourself.

Well, I thought: what if I just wrote a program to buy stuff for me? The first iteration of this was going to be a program that bought me stuff that I probably would like.

But then I decided that was too boring. How about I build something that buys me things completely at random? Something that just… fills my life with crap? How would these purchases make me feel? Would they actually be any less meaningful than the crap I buy myself on a regular basis anyway?

It’s all fun and games until your order-robot tries to communicate with you.

☰ Facebook app UI through the years

Gannon Burgett:

It’s been a long time since Facebook was first introduced to the iPhone. Many changes have been made and many improvements have been welcomed by designers and consumers, alike. We’re going to take a look at where the Facebook app has been, where it is now, and draw a borderline hypothesis as to where it’s going.

Quite an interesting summary of Facebook’s mobile history.

☰ Photoshop Actions to fix the banding of Photoshop's gradients.

Simply select the action and press play. Your document will be converted into a 16-bit document and a new layer applied to the top of your group/document fixing all the banding in that document.

I searched for a of Photoshop tutorial to fix this problem and found this perfect Photoshop action. Definitely useful.

☰ Instagram introduces profiles on the web

It’s a slow rollout so you might be lucky and have it already, but there is a big possibility that you don’t. You can check it through instagr.am/username. They’re beautiful.

☰ Vimeo launches Creator Service

Vimeo Tip Jar allows your fans to show their appreciation for your videos with small cash payments to you. By giving a tip, you’re not only telling a creator how important their work is to you, you’re also giving them the resources to make more of it. Give one, get one and help the community you trust make the videos you love.

That’s how the future will look like. And I’m glad to pay a small amount for awesome work. Looking forward to the upcoming “Pay to view” feature, something that will drive away more and more video creators from the big content networks.

☰ What's New in Android 4.2

Seems like a nice update to Android. I know it sounds funny but with every update it gets I can more and more see myself using an Android phone as my everyday smartphone.