☰ I'm the Dragonborn, I demand confetti.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me? Where is my stupid party? Confetti? Some kind of… amazing speech?

Are you serious? I’ve wandered for hours through Skyrim. I slaughtered dragons, I killed hundreds of undead creatures in deep and moldy caves, rode horses, dragons, my wife and the Jarl. I bought furniture and talked to dozens of people about me being the one to save the world from being eaten by a giant lizard.

I trained for hours, killed things just to get better at killing things. Learned the language of dragons to use their shouts, just to become more badass. I climbed the tallest mountain of Skyrim, got called by the Greybeards and forged my own weapons. All that just to finish off the dragon of dragons.

I got there. I killed that damn thing with a few strokes of my sword and expected… something!? A long and praising speech how awesome I am, how I saved the life of so many or how I am the Dragonborn and get all their daughters?

Instead I got two “Nicely done!” sentences and get sent back to Skyrim? No closing credits? Nothing? So you saved the world? Who cares, go fetch some small things some douchebag in one of those shitloads of villages wants, so you get a bit of gold and a lousy new sword from him!

The damn dragon didn’t even leave some kind of loot?! What the heck.

Thanks for some fun hours, Skyrim, but don’t expect me to ever set another foot into your beautiful forests and cities. I finished the damn main quest so give me something to call it a day, or stay away from me. I’m not satisfied at all.



  1. I’ve spend maybe more than 150 hours in skyrim whn i finished the Main quest, okay no confetti, but i experienced 150 hours of great immersive gameplay in a world where i could spend easily another 150 hours.

    Beside this, the jarl of whiterun is in fact the only Person who knows about how close skyrim was from his doomsday.

    So Start the game in december, download the dragonborn DLC and fly so me Bad ass Dragons 🙂

  2. This makes me feel good about my decision to postpone completing the main quest for as long as I can. Having no good ending sucks, but the way there has been great so far (I’ve been playing for about 100 hours).